Here are some of our patient's stories.Their words speak better than we ever could. They were able to get back parts of their lives that they were missing by their nervous system functioning better and better. Most of them had no idea they could see such change from chiropractic care.

  • Who knew I would come to view a car accident as a gift?


    "I just wanted to thank you for your kind care during the past two weeks. Who knew I would come to view a car accident as a gift? It was a gift that brought me to your great practice! Not only have I healed quickly from the pain of the accident, but I feel better than I have in years! I have more energy and have healed minor aches and pains that I really didn’t even know I had! I’m so grateful for this care you have offered!"

  • ...it has totally changed my life for the better...

    Ava J.

    "Coming to see Dr. Jeanne and Dr. John was the first time I had tried anything outside traditional medical care, and it has totally changed my life for the better. Just their friendly presence when you come into the office is very healing.
    I was suffering from a terrible sciatica flare up, which was why I came to the office in the first place and now that is a distant memory. I had low energy, allergies, digestive problems and sharp pain in my left heel. All of these conditions have improved or totally gone away and I know it was from their care. "

  • At the first consultation I could tell a difference...

    Chris N.

    "As a business owner of a renovation company, I experience various physical ailments daily. At one point I injured my back so badly I could hardly move. After days of thinking the problem would go away, it eventually got worse. It was then that someone referred me to Emergence Chiropractic. At the first consultation with Dr. LaPointe and Dr. Benedetto, I could tell a difference. The injury to my back was so severe it took me several appointments before the problem went completely away, but it eventually did. Throughout the various treatments they performed on me, one of the problems they addressed was my allergies. Since a very young age I have had severe allergy problems: sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, etc. These issues didn’t seem to be affected by the season, rather affect me year round. I have tried every prescription medicine for allergies available and all without much success. On multiple occasions I have even had to visit the emergency room for difficulty breathing. The treatments these doctors performed on me did not involve medicine, but rather chiropractic care. And as with the success of my back treatments, I had the same success with my allergies. It’s hard to express in words how grateful I am to Dr. LaPointe and Dr. Benedetto for their work. I almost forget how bad my allergies used to be since I don’t experience problems anymore. I thoroughly attribute this success to the chiropractic treatments I received at Emergence Chiropractic."

  • I appreciate the individualized attention...

    Jacqulyn N.

    In September I started experiencing numbing pain on the left side of my face. I was concerned about the possibility of an infection affecting my nerves, so I decided to see the medical doctor. He felt that the symptoms indicated Bell’s Palsy and prescribed me Prednisone. I didn’t want to continue with steroids, as there were many side effects. I chose to wait and see if whatever was wrong would clear up on its own. After two weeks I decided to go see Dr. John. After several weeks of treatment, I was starting to feel better. A lot of the pain had subsided, but I still had the numbing sensation in my face. By the time November came around, I realized that I was symptom free!
    I continue to see Dr. John to keep my nervous system healthy. I appreciate the individualized attention I get at Emergence Chiropractic. I now look forward to coming every two weeks for maintenance care.