Here are some of our patients' stories.Their words speak better than we ever could. They were able to get back parts of their lives that they were missing by their nervous system functioning better and better. Most of them had no idea they could see such change from chiropractic care.

  • And I feel so lucky to have found this type of chiropractic

    Laura Hirst

    "Thanks you so much for how wonderful you have been over the past months. It’s now been a year since my accident and I finally feel recovered. It was a very stressful time but you were very supportive and I always felt in a welcoming atmosphere in your office, which helped tremendously. And I feel so lucky to have found this type of chiropractic, which feels like such a loving form of healing. Thanks!"

  • ...the experience is truly liberatory.

    Natalie F-O.

    "I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder following a severe car accident that occurred while it was raining. My PTSD was quite severe: panic attacks, hyperventilation and hysterical uncontrollable tears. Driving in the rain was not an option for me. A year later, after receiving care at Emergence Chiropractic I am astonished by the sense of calm and serenity I feel in lieu of panic and desperation. I have not a trace of PTSD, even driving through torrential rains! It is a calm both physical and mental, and the experience is truly liberatory."

  • Thank you for everything you have done for me.


    "I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. In the two years I have been seeing you I have gone from having chronic, continuous pain in my thumbs to being able to paint a house. It’s hard even to remember being that woman who had been told she would be really crippled and on pain medication for the rest of my life."

  • ...neck never hurts anymore and the increased mobility is obvious.

    Sam Howie

    "When I began care with Dr. LaPointe in January 2005, the arthritis in my ankle from an old injury required that I take at least one and sometimes two Aleve every morning just so I would be able to climb the three flights of stairs to my office. It was about this same time that I started hearing news about a possible link between anti-inflammatory drugs and heart disease. Within a couple of weeks of seeing Dr. LaPointe I was able to quit the Aleve. I had also suffered from chronic neck pain that severely restricted my ability to turn my head. Driving was a burden because I had to turn my entire torso along with my neck in order to look behind me. My neck never hurts anymore and the increased mobility is obvious. Also, in a way I can’t really explain, my body feels more balanced and lightweight. I am able to spring up the steps to my front porch on my toes, with the flexibility and lightness of foot I had in my younger years."