Here are some of our patients stories.Their words speak better than we ever could. They were able to get back parts of their lives that they were missing by their nervous system functioning better and better. Most of them had no idea they could see such change from chiropractic care.

  • Our son had terrible ear infections...

    Matt and Jessica Phillips

    "Our son, Carter, had terrible ear infections from the time he was seven months old. He took numerous rounds of antibiotics but nothing stopped the infections from coming back. His doctor finally recommended ear tubes. Around this time, we heard that Emergence Chiropractic worked with infants and young children and that chiropractic might help his ear infections. To make a long story short, he hasn't had an ear infection since the first time he was adjusted. He goes in once a month just to make sure everything is working properly. He loves going there, the atmosphere is peaceful and unhurried, and the adjustment is…well…kind of fun!"

  • Our daughter's condition disappeared completely in less than a month

    Ingeborg Haddox

    "Maya was five months old and was still dealing with the condition of a “clogged tear duct” in her left eye that she had been suffering with since her birth. Often the eye collected dried, sticky mucus, which had to be cleaned multiple times a day, and it was always watery in appearance. Also, the eye only opened half way and looked irritated. The doctor (as well as other medical professionals) that told me that there was nothing that could be done for it, and that there would be no telling how long it would last. I was told that in rare cases it can last for years, and that it can also lead to infections, but that it would probably just eventually go away. There was no change in the condition and even though at times it would appear to be a little better (perhaps due to an overly optimistic mother), it always watered some and it had to be wiped dry regularly, even on the best of days.

    One day I went for my chiropractic adjustment and had brought Maya with me. Dr. Jeanne asked me what was wrong with Maya’s eye and I proceeded to tell her the story. Then, to my surprise, she said that chiropractic might be able to resolve it. Maya had her first adjustment that day and again to a pleasant surprise, there was an instant dramatic change, she held the eye more open and that night and for the next two days, it did not water at all. This was the first time ever that she was without symptoms. The condition returned, but cleared up for an even longer period (over a week) immediately after receiving another adjustment. Needless to say, I took her back again, and after that adjustment (the third), the symptoms suddenly reappeared that night and early the next morning, only to clear up by late morning, never to return again.
    This condition went from no change since birth to disappearing completely in less than a month’s time (approximately three weeks) after receiving chiropractic care. Today she is nearly six months old and growing more beautiful every day. She is completely free from the watery, half closed eye condition that had plagued her for the first five months of her life, thanks to chiropractic care."

  • Thank goodness and thank you Dr. Jeanne!

    The Sabatinis

    We are ever so grateful to Emergence Chiropractic.At 16 months, our son’s testicles had not yet descended. The medical treatment for this is almost always surgery, with an alternative of giving him hormone treatments three times week. Neither of which sounded like something we wanted to put our son through. Needless to say, this really caused us some stress.

    We decided to try something before resolving to the drastic options our doctor gave us, so we took him to see Dr. Jeanne. She adjusted him by gently holding her finger to the side of his neck. That evening we thought we saw something in his sac, but figured it was just our imagination.

    However, after one more treatment, indeed the problem is completely resolved. No surgery in our son’s near future. Thank goodness and thank you Dr. Jeanne!